Board Members

  • President Cathy Peterson

  • Vice President Scott deMartelaere

  • Treasurer Klara Beck

  • Secretary Missy Mattson

  • Past President Mark Sundberg

  • Jim Pratt

  • Linda Macfarlane

  • Michael Weatherly

  • Lisa Bielfeldt



Amanda Cross

Executive Director/Education Coordinator

Amanda Cross received a BA in Studio Art at University of Minnesota, Morris and earned her K-12 teaching license from her alma matter in 2019. She worked as the Summer Education Intern for Kaddatz Galleries for two summers and stepped in as Education Coordinator when the position became available in February 2017. She holds firm to the conviction that art is a powerful impetus that can be used to better understand the world around us, express the world inside us and ignite motivation that drives change.


Jess Torgerson

Curator/Gallery Manager

Jess Torgerson grew up in Fergus Falls. She graduated from North Dakota State University, majoring in Art with an emphasis on Printmaking and Apparel & Textiles. During her time at NDSU, Jess began curating art exhibits and developed her interest in gallery work and event coordinating. Jess spent the next ten years developing her personal art, acquiring her Body Art licensing from the state of Minnesota, and working in the non-profit sector as well as in hospitality services within the Twin Cities area. Jess began working with the Lake Region Arts Council in 2017 where she is helping to develop a pilot project called the Arts Resource Expert Program, which works to connect artists in greater Minnesota to organizations, programs and services in the Metro area and beyond. Jess began working as Gallery Curator at the Kaddatz Galleries in December of 2017.