Kaddatz Galleries Strategy Roadmap


To foster visual arts education & appreciation and to maintain a gallery that celebrates the work of area artists and honors the legacy of Charles Beck.


We aim to maintain & grow our high-impact programming for kids & adults, pursue broader artistic representation for area artists, introduce more challenging & culturally responsive work to our audience, & update our relationship with technology to offer a more seamless experience for artists and patrons alike.


  • Artistic excellence

  • Curiosity

  • Cultural responsiveness.

Why do we do what we do?

We believe in the cultural and economic power of visual arts. We believe visual arts to be a valid and important form of communication; an aesthetic language that offers systemic and cultural commentary, offers the opportunity for the exploration of different perspectives, and may act as a catalyst for change.

Competitive Advantage

Providing a premier gallery experience where the careers of regional artists may be validated, celebrated and explored through exhibitions, sales, and educational programs.

We offer artists:

  • Space- 1,900 Sq Ft (main gallery), 435 Sq Ft (studio k). The Kaddatz Galleries offers a premier contemporary gallery experience in an historic building in the heart of downtown Fergus Falls.

  • Curatorial Services- Staff helps design, hang, light & market all exhibitions. We even help with things like setting prices & refining artist statements.

  • Marketing- Exhibiting artists have their work featured on a keepsake postcard & sent to our mailing list. Show details  go out via email & social media, to NPR, & to local papers.

  • Community - "Galleries... build a community — a real, true social network — your art ecosystem." huffpost.com/entry/why-galleries-are-importa_b_4074202

  • Compensation- Artists are compensated for their time speaking at their reception and receive 60% of all sales of their work made through the gallery.

  • Retail options- Art is available for sale in the gallery and online.

We offer the community a premier contemporary gallery experience, learning opportunities, retail options, gathering space, and free wine and cheese.


  • Providing introductory visual arts experiences & educational programs;

  • Providing a welcoming, inspirational space to explore visual art;

  • Introducing visual art as a valid and important form of cultural commentary & expression.

Strategic Direction

Be a welcoming introduction to the language & cultural importance of fine visual arts.