Why show at the Kaddatz Galleries?

  1. Space & vibe

    The Kaddatz Galleries offers a premier gallery experience right in the heart of downtown Fergus Falls, MN. We’re a welcoming space in an historic building with over 2,000 square feet devoted entirely to art and artists. We are rated consistently 4-5 stars on Google and Facebook. Our visitors have this to say:


2. Curation Services

Here’s what our good friends at wikipedia have to say about curators:

“In contemporary art, the title "curator" identifies a person who selects and often interprets works of art. In addition to selecting works, the curator is often responsible for writing labels… and other content supporting exhibitions.”

The Kaddatz Galleries employs a curator, Jess Torgerson, to help design and implement all shows. She performs all communications with artists, designs the gallery marketing for shows, hangs or places work, sets the lighting, and can help with things like setting prices and refining artist statements.

3. Marketing

Each artist who has a solo or group exhibition with the Kaddatz Galleries has their work featured on a postcard that is mailed out to the full Kaddatz Galleries mailing list (artists retain all extra postcards to distribute as the wish). Show details are also marketed to our email list and social media followers, to NPR, and to local papers.

4. Reception & Artist Talk

Artists who have a solo or group exhibition with the Kaddatz Galleries will have a reception hosted for them by the gallery and will be offered the chance to hold an artist talk / answer questions in front of gallery patrons (not required for the introvert artist, but encouraged!).

5. Fair Compensation

Artists are compensated for their time attending a reception and speaking and receive 60% of all sales of their work made through the gallery.

6. Sales

The Kaddatz Galleries makes sales now maintains an online store where artists may offer their work for sale. The

Intrigued? Here’s our current gallery layout: